Unparalleled Thinking

Why choose natural hair products?

More people are turning away from synthetic, to more natural based hair care products. People are becoming more aware of the ingredients in products. Ingredients containing water insoluble silicones, parabens, SLS/SLES and harsh synthetic preservatives are becoming...

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Dry scalp or Dandruff

We have all seen those unpleasant white flakes, but what do they stand for really, a dry scalp or dandruff? Don’t worry; it is absolutely typical to be confused due to the similarity of their symptoms. A dry, itchy scalp is sometimes linked to dandruff. Since the...

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Taking care of you

We advise our clients about the best products, techniques and overall hair care every day. But sometimes the secrets to achieving healthy hair and ultimately a healthy body/mind can't be done by just throwing money at the problem. Here we look at some of the things...

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