Proven to be one of the best colour houses in the Surrey area, Unparalleled Hair prides themselves on having a higher technical knowledge base than many local salons.

Our talented team are constantly updated in the latest trends and techniques, ensuring you get the best possible results.

We look at every aspect of colour, not just the overall look,  concentrating on the ingredients that go onto your hair and scalp.

Why you need a clarifying shampoo

You might think you have no need for any hair-clarification and that its just one of those
sales drivers, but if you colour or highlight your hair, use weekly hair masques, or apply any
type of styling products; waxes, sprays, dry shampoo and the like. Then clarifying shampoo
is definitely needed.

Clarifying shampoos also go under the names “purifying,” “detox” and deep-cleansing,” and
what they’re designed to do is remove stubborn build-up from your hair. Think slippery
silicones, waxes, moisturisers or plain old gunk from your styling products. These items will
all need a more vigorous cleanser.

Clarifying shampoos also help to lift away mineral deposits from hard water, and the
chlorine and other chemicals that stick to hair in a swimming pool.
In short we should all have a bottle in the bathroom, and use every 4/5th wash.

Dandruff tip

Poor brushing leads to a higher risk of dandruff. It is a natural mechanism for the scalp to shed the dead skin cells periodically. Proper brushing and combing of hair at least twice a day is very important to get rid of these flakes. In addition, brushing also improves air supply and blood circulation to scalp and hair that’s crucial for healthy hair.